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Terms and Conditions

You must accept these terms and conditions to play the game. By accepting these terms, you accept on behalf of every individual member of the team.

Please make sure every member of the team has an opportunity to read these terms and conditions stated below. 

Escape Rooms Durham is owned and operated by Grim Up North LTD & Escape Rooms Lumley
LTD. Any reference to Grim Up North LTD, Escape Rooms Lumley LTD & Escape Rooms Durham
are one and the same.


Trading as Escape Rooms Durham


Terms of Participation
1.1 Escape Rooms Durham Staff will facilitate the start of the activity at a location within
Durham City.
1.2 Escape Rooms Durham staff will remain available to players via a dedicated phone
number until the “End Time”
1.3 Should players experience difficulty with operating the digital element of the game,
experience health and safety concerns or get lost, they should use the support phone number
for assistance.
1.4. Whilst participating, players must follow the rules and instructions of game facilitators.
Any person not following instructions from staff may be removed from the game without
1.5. Due to the nature of our activity our recommended minimum age is 10, though we do not
operate a strict age policy. However, anyone under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an
adult (18+) at all times.
1.6. Although no physical strength is required to play our games, participants must ensure
they are in fit health to play.
1.7. Grim Up North LTD reserves the right to refuse participation of guests who behave in a
manner which they deem likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors or distress or harm
members of the public. Additionally, participation can be refused to guests who use
threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior to other guests or members of staff, or to
guests who do not follow written or verbal instructions or behave in a manner that may risk
the health and safety of themselves, other visitors, members of staff or the public. Where the
guest is part of a group, Grim Up North LTD reserves the right to remove and refuse service
to the whole group. In any of these such circumstances, no refund will be given.
1.8. The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, including so called 'legal highs', is not

allowed before or during participation. Any guests who appear to be under the influence of
alcohol or other substances or are otherwise disorderly will be refused participation.
1.9. Disabled guests or those assisting disabled guests should make their visit known to Escape
Rooms Durham prior to their game being played and, if necessary, we will make game
modifications. Guests must take note that we are situated on the top floor of the building with
no lift.
1.10. All participants accept liability for their own health and safety whilst taking part in a
Grim Up North Ltd facilitated activity. All players play our games at their own risk. Grim Up
North LTD accepts no responsibility for any liability, harm, injury or death, cost or expense
whatsoever that may arise, directly or indirectly, from attending a Grim Up North LTD event.
1.11. Grim Up North LTD accepts no responsibility for any personal property whilst at the
venue, or while playing any Grim Up North LTD facilitated event.
1.12. Grim Up North LTD reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of participation at
any time without reason or prior notice.
1.13. It is the responsibility of the individual who makes the booking to make everyone in their
party aware of these Terms of Participation - it is not the responsibility of Grim Up North
LTD to do so.
1.14. All participants will be required to sign a digital waiver before taking part in any
facilitated activity.
1.15 The game will take place in all weather conditions. Participants must dress in suitable
clothing for wet and cold weather, with suitable footwear. Grim Up North LTD accepts no
responsibility for any damage to clothing or any other personal property used within the
1.16 Each team will require the use of a smartphone to play the game. This is not provided by
Grim Up North LTD, and Grim Up North LTD accepts no responsibility for any physical
damage or digital corruption to this device as a result of it’s use in the game.
Game Rules
2.1. If any game rules are broken, this can forfeit the game for the whole team without refund.
2.2. All instructions from the game hosts must be listened to and obeyed at all times.
2.3 Any deliberate or accidental damage to the property of Grim Up North LTD due to
careless behavior by any player will be the responsibility of the named person on the booking.
Repair or replacement costs may be incurred by the players in such a circumstance.
Conditions of Sale

3.1. All payments must be made in full before the event. Failure to pay will mean no team
member is allowed to attend and play. Your booking is only confirmed once payment is
received by Grim Up North LTD.
3.2. Online payments are to be made using Resova & our payment processor, Stripe - no
account is required. Games may also be paid for by card in person. We do not accept cash, or
American Express. Bank transfers may also be accepted by prior arrangement.
3.3. Should you wish to cancel your booking you will be entitled to a refund of; 75% of the full
booking fee if notice is given more than 6 weeks before the event date, 50% 4-6 weeks notice ,
20% 2-4 weeks notice. There is no refund available if you wish to cancel the event within 14
days of your booking.
3.4. A booking can be moved to another available slot, once, without charge, up to 14 days
before the start time of the game. Moving a booking with less than 14 days notice will incur a
charge of 20% of the full booking fee.
3.5. Your booking remains property of Grim Up North LTD and can be revoked at any point,
and for any reason. It cannot be resold.
3.6. The Management cannot be held responsible for any bookings which are lost or stolen.
Grim Up North LTD reserves the right to cancel bookings which it reasonably suspects to
have been made fraudulently.
3.7. If a booking is re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than
Grim Up North LTD, or one of their authorized sub-agents, it may be voided and the holder
refused entry to, or ejected from the venue or activity.
3.8. Grim Up North LTD may, at short notice, change the operating hours of sessions due to
unforeseen circumstances or technical issues.
3.9. If a booking is canceled or rescheduled, we will use reasonable endeavors to contact the
individual who made the booking and notify them before the date of the event, though we
cannot guarantee that this will be the case. Thus, it is the responsibility of the individual who
made the booking to ascertain whether their booking has been canceled or rearranged -
details of any booking amendments will be clearly stated clearly on our website or our
Facebook Page.
3.10. Terms and Conditions are applicable for all bookings at Escape Rooms Durham and
Grim Up North LTD, including those purchased via the website, in person, via email or over
the telephone, or via a third party booking provider or venue.
3.11. The individual who makes the booking agrees (on behalf of their entire party) and
understands that there is inherent risk involved with attending any event, and Escape Rooms
Durham is no exception. As such, the individual who makes the booking voluntarily assumes

all risks and dangers associated with participation. In consideration and acceptance of
entrance, the individual who makes the booking agrees to release Escape Rooms Durham, its
parent corporations, affiliates, directors, employees, and landlord from any liability, harm,
injury or death, cost or expense whatsoever that may arise, directly or indirectly, from
attending Escape Rooms Durham.
3.12. Bookings and purchases that are canceled as a result of force majeure, including but not
limited to; national mourning, natural disaster, war, state of national or international
emergency, national epidemic, global or national pandemic / lockdown, terrorist attack etc,
will not be refunded. In the event of bookings being canceled as a result of force majeure,
Escape Rooms Durham will endeavor to reschedule bookings at the earliest convenience to
both parties for no extra charge.
3.13. Your E-mail address may be used for promotional E-mails from Grim Up North LTD.
You can be removed from this mailing list at any time by emailing the company.

All of these terms and conditions are governed by English Law.

Additional Terms

4.1 I understand all players take responsibility for their own health and safety whilst

4.2 I have no physical or mental ailment that would prevent me from participating in
this activity safely for myself and others, and I am not under the influence of drugs or
alcohol that would impair my ability to participate in this activity safely for myself and
4.3 I understand that there is an inherent risk to all physical activity, including but not
limited to; falling, collision with other players, trips, broken bones and normal risks
from other members of the public, and that the management of these risks is my own
personal responsibility.
4.4 I will not trespass on private property during any Grim Up North LTD Activity

4.5 I understand that ‘Treasure Quest’ takes place on public property, and therefore
Grim Up North LTD cannot guarantee my absolute safety during the playing of the
4.6 I understand this activity takes place outdoors, and therefore carries the same risk
as any unsupervised outdoor activity.

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