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Santa's Elf Rescue

Santa's Elft Rescue is the latest online treasure hunt game from Escape Rooms Durham, and brand new for Christmas 2022. 

Like our previous games, this can be played solo, or by a group, 24 hours a day. No booking is required. You purchase the game and start playing straight away. Memberships last for 14 days, and you can complete the game as many times as you like within this time frame. 

The game is suitable for those aged 11 and up, and is a fun and tricky clue and riddle based puzzle game for all ages. 

You can team up over a popular communication software, such as Zoom or Teams, share the game screen, and complete the puzzles as a team, or play at home using one device to complete the game in your browser, and other devices to look at maps and research the answers!

You will need to use Google Maps, Google Search, Websites and Google Street View to find the answers to progress. 

We highly recommend using a laptop or computer to compete the game. It is possible to complete the game using mobile devices, it's just a bit more fiddly! 

To purchase the game and start playing, click on "Purchase The Game" below. 

To see one of our games in action, check out this video of VYB playing "Mr-X". Warning, this video contains spoilers. 

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