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Welcome to
Treasure Quest

Your quest is simple!

Collect as many points as you can by solving clues and challenges around the city. Discover the secret code word, and return to HQ as quickly as possible to win the game! 

How does it work?

You can play the game alone, but you will find it easier to play in teams of between 2 and 5 people.  

Use your smart phone to read the clues and begin each stage of the quest. 

Use the internet and map apps to solve the clues, and make your way to the next destination. 

Look around and find the answer to the clue to move through the game! 

Only one member of your team needs to have the game on their phone. The other members of the team should use other apps including Maps and Google to solve the clues. 


10 points for each clue answered (80 points available)

Extra points available for challenges along the way!

20 points for being the first team back

15 points for the second team back

10 points for the third team back to HQ, then 9 points, 8 points etc. 

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