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Santa's Elf Rescue

Late on Christmas Eve, another Christmas Day has almost begun. Santa lands his sleigh safely back in Lapland, every present delivered, every child happily asleep in their beds, and this year there are no presents left undelivered.

With an audible sigh Santa heaved himself out of the drivers seat and gives his reindeer a triumphant thanks.

Just as he’s about to call it a night he catches sight of a figure lurking in the darkness.

“Noel?” Santa began, recognising his old friend. “What are you doing out at this late hour? Shouldn’t you and the other elves be drinking a cup of hot cocoa by the fire?”

“That’s just it S...S..Santa” he stammered “not all the elves have come home from helping out across the globe. I’m sure they’ve just been distracted as it’s their favorite holiday after all, but now I fear without help they're going to miss Christmas!"

"How many are missing?" Asked Santa

"Seven" Noel Replied. "Bruno, Marshmallow, Glitter, Alan, Cracker, Sneaky Pete, AND Pluto! None of them have come back!"

Santa smiled warmly through his beard.


“Fear not my little friend, I’ve still got some Christmas magic left in me. What say you reindeer? Are you up for another Christmas rush?” Lets go rescue some Elves! 

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